Thursday, September 18, 2014

Not that creepy pasta

 The battle was almost over the phantoms grew weaker and weaker. The alphas attacked once more and BAM the phantoms were vanquished. After the long battle the alphas decided to rest but Cosmo fell asleep first. Little did he know that he had a chemical from the phantoms covering his fur. A few hours later at about 1:00AM, Cosmo woke up but he wasn't himself he was being controlled by the horrid King Phantom. His eyes were pure black, his fur covered with purple slime. He creeped up on Liza and infected her with the slime pretty soon every alpha had been mind controlled but Graham, the monkey alpha. Graham was in the kitchen making one of his late night brews. The infected bunch walked slowly into the kitchen with their sharp claws and teeth. Graham was flabbergasted and screamed so loud the beaker next to him broke. He backed up against the wall and cried, "NO THIS ISN'T SUPPOSED TO HAPPEN!" "WE ARE THE ALPHAS NOT THE PHANTOMS!" He cried while holding his precious key to the chest of Jamaa. Then suddenly Liza bit into his leg with her razor sharp teeth. Blood drew and the poor monkey knew it was too late. He himself became one of the Phantoms slaves and continued infecting Jammers with the gross purple slime. A few months later there was no immune Jammer left every one had the solid black eyes that could look into your soul...every jammer but one. But the poor jammer couldn't last forever...

Tuesday, September 16, 2014


 Hello people that are currently reading this. I have a HUGE plushie store opening on October 1st at yoloswagjuice's den! Get good plushies cheap! I will post pictures of the plushies we have avialiable and I am on everyday at 5:00-6:00 Central Time. I will also be selling toys! Again the user is yoloswagjuice but I'm the store starts on OCTOBER FIRST! 

Funny Memes and Pics


First Creepy Pasta!

 Cosmo was young, innocent and sometimes got scared really easily. His classmates would often scare him just for the fun of it. But it was not fun for Cosmo, he would cry and sometimes even run home to his parents. They would cuddle him and make sure he was okay. One day there was a test and Cosmo was not prepared he faked being sick and got to go home. His parents sent him to bed to rest and he made a little fake cough. Cosmo being Cosmo fell asleep right when his head hit the pillow. "Sweet dreams," his mom said quietly. Cosmo woke up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom. When he was walking in the hallway he looked back and saw two red glowing eyes. He immediately screamed and the creature kept getting closer and closer. Cosmo was so scared he passes out and the creature took him away to the basement and no one heard from him again.
(I know not scary my first creepy pasta xD)